Ennio 20m Sewer Waterproof Camera Pipe Pipeline Drain Inspection System 7lcd DVR

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Applications: Blocked / slow draining plumbing. Wall / wire inspection. Home owners inspection. Attentions: 1.Read the instructions seriously prior to utilization. 2.No throwing or pressure with strength. 3.No guarantee repair for users’ voluntary unpacking or spoilage. 4.Copy your materials prior to connection of SD card, for any results caused by material loss, the factory bears no responsibility. (for recording type) 5.No sudden outage in video and play, this may destroy products and video files. (for recording type) Range of Application 1.Use it with mini-video camera with the tube diameter as 23-120MM 2.Water-supply pipe 3.Air-conditioner pipe 4.Cable pipe 5.Pipeline vacuum system 6.PLUNBIN pipe 7.Buildings 8.Sunken pipe Product Specification: Item: parameter 1.Charger: AC100-240V DC12.6V 1000MA 2.Battery: Luminal-cell arrester 4.5AH 3.continuous use time for battery: approximate 8h 4.investigation depth: 20M( selectable line length) 5.material: fiber tube with /high intensity light source: 6 PCS 1W LED with high while light(adjustable) viewing angle: 145° size/material: 120MM* 23MM /stainless steel protective cover parts size/material:38MM* 28MM /plastic-steel depth: 400MM (approximate) picture: color 12.SD card: max. support 32G, factory configuration 8G (



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