Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

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Product description The Skylink security system deluxe kit is a do-it-yourself wireless security system that is easy to install and ready to use. 4-zone system is designed for houses up to 3000 sq. ft., plus apartments, condos, offices and businesses. Application: Security system, Kit Includes: control panel, motion sensor, 2 door/window contact sensors, keychain transmitter, AC adapter and mounting hardware, Battery Included: Yes, Range (ft.): 100 Designed for use in small- to medium-sized homes or offices of up to 3,000 square feet, the Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit helps you protect your family from unwanted intruders or theft, while also giving you real peace of mind in case of emergencies. Offering an operating range of up to 100 feet, the SC-100 requires no monitoring or registration fees and is a snap to setup, arm, and disarm.The Skylink SC-100 Wireless Security System Deluxe Kit:Offers fast, easy installationUtilizes Advanced Rolling Code TechnologyDoes not require expensive, monthly monitoring feesCan be customized using up to 30 Skylink accessoriesAutomatically calls for help in the event of an emergency when used with Dial Alert (sold seperately)The SC-100 is an easy-to-install wireless security system that requires no monthly monitoring fees. Reliable, Advanced System Uses Trouble-Free Wireless ConnectionsKeep your home or business safe and secure with this reliable, cutting-edge wireless security system. The SC-100 utilizes innovative technology with trouble-free wireless connections to provide security, making it a great choice for protecting against intruders and safeguarding in case of an accident, fire, flood, or other emergency.Works with up to 30 Skylink Accessories for Easy Customization and ExpansionBecause the SC-100 works in conjunction with up to 30 Skylink security accessories, including Dial Alert, it can be customized to suit your needs. This flexibility means you can easily expand your system to accommodate larger spaces or businesses that require a higher level of protection.Do-it-Yourself System Eliminates the Need for Monitoring FeesThe SC-100 is a do-it-yourself system, which means you can easily install it yourself and then use it without paying monitoring fees or registering with an alarm company. To arm or disarm the system, simply enter your personal code or use the keychain transmitter. With this user-friendly system, you gain real peace of mind and control over your personal safety and that of your family, employees, and others at your home or business–all without excessive costs or upkeep.Rolling-Code Technology for Maximum Security and Fewer False AlarmsSkylink is the first company to incorporate rolling-code technology into a home/business security system, which means that the SC-100 provides maximum security while virtually eliminating the number of false alarms. A rolling code (or hopping code) is often used in entry systems that don’t require a key, because it prevents an eavesdropper from capturing and using your personal security code. Thanks to rolling-code technology, the SC-100’s control panel will recognize radio waves only from its remote sensors (door/window sensor, motion sensor, and keychain transmitter), thereby preventing high-tech thieves from duplicating signals and tampering with your system.Motion, Door, and Window Sensors Provide Reliable Emergency ProtectionThe SC-100 comes complete with a motion sensor and two door/window sensors, enough coverage for small- to medium-sized homes. If any sensors are triggered when the system is armed, and the correct pin is not entered, the included 110dB siren will make a piercing sound to ward off intruders and draw attention to your home.Works with Dial Alert for Immediate Emergency HelpThe SC-100 can assist you in getting immediate help in case of an emergency. When its siren goes off, the SC-100 will immediately send a signal to Dial Alert (sold separately), which will call emergency phone numbers that you have preset. When someone answers the phone, your prerecorded message will play, and the contact person will be told that you need emergency help right away.Easy to Program with Convenient KeypadThe SC-100 includes an easily programmable, lighted keypad with Chime, Instant, and Delay modes. Simply enter your preset pin code to arm or disarm the system; an LED will indicate when the alarm is properly set. All the accessories are preprogrammed to work with the control panel, so you won’t have to worry about time-consuming, individual setup of each component.The SC-100 runs on AC power with one nine-volt battery (included) as backup. A convenient low-battery indicator lets you know when it’s time for a replacement. The system also comes with all necessary mounting hardware.What’s in the BoxAlarm with control panel and keypad, motion sensor, two door/window contact sensors, 4B434 keychain transmitter, AC adapter, all DC batteries, mounting materials, and instruction manual.This kit includes everything you need to guard a medium-sized home. Add up to 30 Skylink accessories for full, customized protection of larger spaces. See all Product description



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